Post Race Post:  Well, we did it! I survived my first 10K and am still here to blog about it! Overall, our times were less spectacular than what I had hoped, but the course proved to be more uphill than I had hoped, too. There were several 4 and 5 year olds who bested us, but at least we kept pace with the guy in the gorilla suit and we totally smoked at least one of the 90 year olds. As my calf muscles can attest to, I did my shuffle further today than ever before! I was even able to successfully evade all paramedics and first aid services despite the increased mileage. The weather was cooperative for my race and stellar conditions prevailed. While I had to make use of one port-a-potty about halfway through, I stayed mostly dry and in control of my bodily fluids. As we approached the fifth mile marker, I even let my sister have one of my precious tissues, because my supply was holding out so well and I was in a generous mood.

4km, 6 tissues, and one port-a-potty

She had been kind and told me how hard the race was and how easy it looked for me, and she never pointed out that my 1 minute rest walking breaks were closer to 5.  It was not lost on me that she was never out of breath enough to converse, and I only had to remind her once that I was incapable of such jolly banter. We lost a bit of time at my necessary pit stop, and a bit more at the Slip N Slide. In all the race day excitement, I even forgot to use my swim goggles while belly surfing on the slippery surface. The last mile was hard, and thankfully the cameras did not capture my pitiful ascent uphill into the stadium.  I managed to pull it together for a grand finish, because that’s the mandated behavior at my moment of victory!

Pre-race, found a cow ON a crack

     So what’s next for me? Another 10K? Maybe. I’m definitely not ready for a half marathon. I’ll continue to try to run because I know that I’ve made huge gains in my endurance level that I don’t want to lose, and someday it should get easier. Bolder Boulder next year? Perhaps. My son is now convinced he’d like to give it a try, and I’ll admit I like the thought of playing coach:  what goes around comes around! My clothes are already prepped for a triathlon, so who knows? Biking is probably the only sport I like less than running, so a triathlon at least has some blog potential! For now, I am content to munch away on my hard earned chocolate doughnut and savor the accomplishments of the day.  Thank you to everyone who has offered support, encouragement, or advice, and followed me on my quest! Cheers!

Numbers 215 and 216: Seize the day!

Post-race energy running high.


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