Chapter 2: New Year. New Race. New Blog.

     Similar to last year’s events that led to the upstart of my blog, this past weekend I found myself once again writing a letter to my sister and running cohort, Kristiann Herring. She has agreed to fly out to Boulder again this year and trail me in my brand new, completely different BolderBoulder race, making sure I cross the finish line. She said she had so much fun last year she’d love to come back, but she’s also probably afraid I’d try a solo venture and either collapse or break down sobbing before the end of the race. I may do both, but I am nonetheless happy to have her nod her head in a seemingly sympathetic manner at me and hand me extra tissues. At the insistence of a handful of followers, who in hindsight may have been trying to be polite, I have resurrected my blog. In doing so I have abruptly ripped the bandages off the running wounds that I have successfully managed to ignore over the last year, once again airing them to the world. Oy!  

Here’s the letter I sent:

         Dear Kristiann,

         So here we are again. Oddly reminiscent of last year, you’re wiggling your tootsies in the tropical sands of Cancun, while I am recovering from a 2 mile stint with copious amounts of liquid spewing forth from my facial orifices. Seems like just yesterday I embarked on my cardiac running adventure after agreeing to run my first ever race, the BolderBoulder with you. I silently (ok, not so silently) persevered with my training as I acquainted myself with the lesser known pitfalls of running. Oh I’m definitely more prepared for our race this year. I’ve already discovered the unpleasantries of the sport (…there can’t possibly be more, right?) so there’s no surprising me this time. I’ve been training all year, and I can grab tissues on the fly, swim a mile, and run 1-2 miles without stopping. Wait, how far could I run last year? Never mind. I can do exactly 12 push-ups, a handful of impressive looking weighted single leg squats, and I can throw 8 lbs. around in my Jillian workouts with only a few grunts. I can finish a potty break and be back on track, rejuvenated with breathing restored in 30 seconds. This entire year has been chock full of adventures in fitness, from my running gait analysis to swimming and completing a sprint triathlon. Well, you enjoy your sunny Caribbean respite while you can because this year, I am on fire! Game on, baby! I feel the need for speed! (Ok, not right this second because I already ran & swam today and I’m tired, but tomorrow I definitely feel the need for speed!) We are going for BOLD!




On a side note, after finally embracing the decision to revitalize my blog, it became apparent I needed a new headshot befitting of the new me. As I was attempting to take a decent selfie, my eye caught my daughter’s artwork behind me, and suddenly that was more entertaining.  Seriously, that girl is spot on!


Nostrils are the key to my soul.


Looks just like me!


Buns are fun!

Walking the cat.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 2: New Year. New Race. New Blog.

  1. Ever soooooo happy you are back champion! Missed you and your blog more than you can imagine!
    You know I am a fan of yours kiddo!
    La France entière sera derrière toi avec cheers and tissues (we call them “Kleenex” here)


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