Well, tomorrow is the big day! My sister Kristiann arrived in town on Thursday and we are as ready as we can be! On the advice of all worthy running resources on the planet, I had to abandon any further hill running and tone down my training efforts this week in preparation for the race Monday. I still did a bit of running around my neighborhood, and Kristiann joined me on the loop Saturday morning. Today we are aiming to stay off our feet as much as possible. My daughter is convinced we will probably win the race (and I’m not going to be the one to tell her otherwise), and she has been aggressively creating signs to show her support.

That's me in the lead! Followed closely by Kristiann with a bun. We've passed Kristiann's husband, Michael, and Gabby is last, but by the looks of her legs, she'll be overtaking all of us momentarily!

That’s me in the lead! Followed closely by Kristiann with a bun. We’ve passed Kristiann’s husband, Michael, and Gabby is last. By the looks of Gabby’s legs, she’ll be overtaking all of us momentarily!


My Canadian in-laws have formed a cheering section embracing the fluid control portion of my race.


Why yes, that's Depends on her head.

Why yes, that’s Depends on her head. …I don’t even live there. That is MORAL SUPPORT, people!


In a smart business movie, my wonderful friend Françoise in France has bought stock in Kleenex in anticipation of my race.


And this is only half of her stash!

And this is only half of her stash! If I ever make it across the ocean, I’ll be well cared for!


My blog has been followed in 11 different countries and I’m feeling the global love!! Kristiann and I decided to make our own signs to wear on our backs tomorrow and we think they turned out great.


Sister Support.

I’m totally getting a piggy back ride.


We also went shopping for running gear and I found an exciting new low profile belt with easy access pockets to stash tissues in, and I’ve been practicing the quick draw release of my loaded supply.





We’ve even practiced our zig-zag moves around other runners (namely each other), because of course we’ll be overtaking so many other runners. And to make race day photos a bit more entertaining, we’ve also been working on some themed moves to throw down in front of the race day photographers.  I will post again after the race and let everyone know how we did! Wish us luck, speedy feet, and dry running weather in all hemispheres! 😉

11 thoughts on “Ready…Set…Draw!

  1. I completely agree with Gabby
    Besides there is a saying here in France “La vérité sort de la bouche des enfants”..ce qui est contestable but not today!!!

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  2. Good luck to both of you! We will be cheering you on from Baltimore! Kristiann, all of the Fochlers want piggy back rides next time you’re around… You can handle people over 6 ft tall, right?

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  3. We will be cheering you on tomorrow in spirit but still don’t know when you are starting.??
    It looks like you may be laughing ( at each other) throughout the race. Have a great time being together!
    Mom and Dad

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    • Thanks Mom and Dad! We are scheduled to hit the starting line at 8:32. We are exceptionally focused and driven to get to the finish line so the real partying can begin! Sister Power!


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