My Great Running BOOK…Woot! Woot!

Love the Suspense? Love the Drama? Eyes tired of staring at your computer screen, trying to figure out whether I stayed dry that week or not? Ever wish you could just grab a box of Kleenex and cuddle up with a book version of this awesome blog? Well, now you can! The wait is over and the book version of my blog, which details my first two Bolder Boulder races, is finally available in both softcover and hardcover versions. I think it came out swell! As for the pricing, DAMN books are expensive!!

2 thoughts on “My Great Running BOOK…Woot! Woot!

  1. Sorry Françoise, it is currently not available on Amazon. They charge a significant markup fee on all copies and for now I am happy to have a printed version of my masterpiece. I can make an electronic version for iPad without significant fees, so let me know if you have any interest in that.


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