Mama Drama

Well, I tried not to resurrect my blog this year but here I am, the week before the 2015 Bolder Boulder, staring in amazement at the chariot destined to carry me into Folsom stadium this year.

My Rolls-Royce.

My Rolls-Royce.

As fate would have it, last week I managed to rupture a tendon in my calf (fortunately not my Achilles) and all medical professionals consulted have unanimously forbidden me to even walk the 10K route. I apparently strained it one day a couple of weeks ago trying to run after erroneously deeming my warm up excessive and optional. Then, after intermittently limping for a week, felt a pop in my mid-calf while hobbling to my car. Fortunately I work with a wonderful group of physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons, so I was immediately tended to and provided with ample instruction to direct me on my road to recovery.

Ice packed relief.

Ice packed relief at work.

My injury was particularly disappointing as I have been swimming, running and weight lifting up a storm all year, only to be sidelined by injury just in time for my big race. This year I even overhauled my diet by eliminating most sugar and alcohol, and focusing more on protein intake. Last month, I proudly bared my abs in a bikini on a family vacation to Mexico.

Me, my hard earned abs, and a bird.

Me, my hard earned abs, and a bird.

I was feeling strong, primed and fit for another race, but my calf had other plans and I will have to sit this one out. My racing sister and sidekick, Kristiann, had been planning to run along side me once again this year, but she has graciously offered to stay by my side and push me in a wheelchair instead. Wanting to be helpful, I purchased a megaphone. I figure I can provide “encouragement” to other racers, and assist with crowd control if needed. It came in the mail today, and I have found it to be a useful parenting tool with my children, virtually eliminating the need for the futile repetition that I previously thought unavoidable as a mom.

“Nathan, set the table.”

And, in case my ruptured tendon was not independently worthy of resurrecting my blog, after trying for an entire year to procure proof of my interview with the Bolder Boulder that aired on the Root Sports network last year, I finally received a bonafide copy!  You can read about the fiasco that happened during my interview here. Perhaps they were also trying to forget the interview ever happened??  If you’ve been waiting anxiously all year to see how it turned out, here it is. It’s not my complete cardiac story, as some of my ramblings were edited out and others never made it out of the recesses of my brain, but the overall storyline still applies. Enjoy! Oh, and wish us luck in the walking wave this year! May my sister’s arms hold out!

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