The Roller Bolder Boulder

Knowing that I’d be confined to a wheelchair due to the recently ruptured tendon in my calf, Kristiann and I decided last night that some last minute preparations were in order. We stayed up far too late and became increasingly silly making signs and decorations for my wheels for today’s event. You only live once, people! Have fun while you can!

Where there's a wheel there's a way.

Where there’s a wheel there’s a way!

This morning, we arrived at the race venue early, but we were promptly horrified to realize we had forgotten to affix the orange card to Kristiann’s race bib, which designated her an “official wheelchair pusher.” Convinced that race day patrol would either deny our race entry altogether or force me to push myself the entire 6.2 miles while Kristiann ran, we promptly sought help. We made inquires with several semi-knowledgable staff members before ultimately locating our beacon of hope.

Aha! We need a solution!

Aha! We need a solution!

Once another waiver was signed and our legal status within the race restored, we rolled off to the starting line and were off! I had lots of fun with my camera, which is typically too much of a bother to fiddle with during a race. My cheap megaphone broke upon being lifted out of my bag, so the crowd was spared most of my witty banter, but it didn’t matter because I had lots of fun with my signs.


Hehehehe. In case you are new to my blog and unaware, the BB10K is notorious for its Slip N’ Slides.

Cheer for my sister stuck pushing me in a race.

Cheer for my sister stuck pushing me in a race.

What should you cheer? PUSH!  PUSH!

What should you cheer? PUSH! PUSH! Like the lady on the left!

Kristiann gently pointed out my arms were not injured and therefore capable of assisting in the forward propulsion.

Kristiann enlisted crowd support to remind me my arms were uninjured and therefore capable of assisting in my forward propulsion.

And back to that Slip N' Slide!

And back to that Slip N’ Slide!

The crowd enjoyed them, too, and we received lots of laughs, cheers, and encouragement throughout the race. Shortly after the first mile, we also met Bill.

Me, Kristiann and Bill.

Me, Kristiann and Bill.

Bill had already completed the race in an earlier wave and had decided to complete it again with his wife.  He laughed at our signs and then jumped right in and offered to push me. Well, designated pusher rules be damned, he was apparently a pile of unending energy and limitless strength and continued to push me over the bulk of the race without any outward sign of exertion. Kristiann made some questionable, half-hearted attempts to regain control of my chair multiple times, but it was as though she’d won the lottery each time he repeatedly reassured her that he was OK.

Actually, Bill was genuinely kind, fit, and friendly and we were fortunate enough to meet during one of his multiple laps around the Bolder Boulder. Not really joking, I told Bill he should try to see how many times he could successfully complete the Bolder Boulder within one year. Previously, I considered this a ridiculous concept and I now find it somewhat distressing that it is not at all far-fetched.

With my two stalwart drivers, we rapidly approached the finish line.

Wait, was that 6 miles already? My how time flies!

Wait, was that 6 miles already? Those are speed flames on my ride! …Why am I dressed like I’m working out? Hmmm.

At the finish line.

At the finish line!

One last sign. HAHAHA, good one!

One last sign I used in the stadium.  HAHAHA, good one!

***UPDATE: This morning I was chatting with Kristiann about how fun the people are in the walking wave of the BB10K, and that it would be fun to hang with the walking crowd again, when it hit me. Maybe it’s my chai and a sugar high from leftover donuts talking, but I am totally going to try to run AND walk the BB10K next year! GAME ON! WHO’S WITH ME?

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