5 Minute Abs

Well, I had amazing abs for all of 5 minutes. Remember when I posted that awesome bikini picture from my trip to Cancun? Well, neither do I. Funny how injury is so often accompanied by the need to gobble up all things chocolate and in my particular case, marshmallowy and rice krispy. Sidelined by the ruptured tendon in my calf, I found myself wallowing in self pity and seeking out all things sweet and comforting. I started out innocently enough by making panfuls of “healthy” vegan brownies that I managed to unabashedly scarf down without an ounce of guilt (after all, my vegan sister WAS coming to visit). The accompanying chocolate fudge icing was really my downfall and ought to be banned from my house forever. Sure, it’s “healthy” and better for you than regular icing (which I never seem to crave), but if you find yourself using it to top just about everything in the fridge (fudge zucchini strips, anyone?), and you’re making new batches every other day because it is so damn tasty, your new found abs are going to go into hiding!

I recognized the warning signs of emotionally charged comfort food behavior, but was helpless to my insatiable sweet tooth. I tried to preserve my muscles by staying active in the pool. At least until this happened.

Injury no. 2: Thumb vs. Mandolin

Injury no. 2: Thumb vs. New Kitchen Mandolin

Though an unsuccessful amputation, it still produced enough of a wound to keep me out of the pool for a month. I found myself land locked while still unable to run or bike, and any hope of maintaining a sensible diet was lost. My sweet tooth driven self-pity party enthusiastically took control of my mouth and remaining nine digits. I abandoned my efforts to healthify my recipes and rediscovered the glory of sugar in the form of rice krispy treats after making some for my kids’ lemonade stand.

Justifiable excuse for sweet tooth.

Justifiable excuse for sweet tooth. And those things resembling semi-nutritious muffins are Ghirardelli brownies. Nothing healthy here.

The initial batch was a bit brick like, but I perfected my technique in subsequent batches with less krispy and more mallow, not to mention scrumptious additions like chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. For a great cause, right? And summer just requires s’mores. I’ll have some s’more s’mores please. And homemade full-fat chocolate chip cookies. Because my kids need to have real treats, and that’s the stuff of real childhood memories, right?

Savoring the sweetness.

Savoring the sweetness.

This has nothing to do with my blog post, she just really loves being Batgirl.

This has nothing to do with my blog post, she just really loves being Batgirl.

Pass the nachos, too, because I’m injured and I need some guacamole. I was a nine fingered, lip smacking, sugar and salt binging Frodo after Mount Doom feasting Hobbit style. A limping caterpillar preparing for her chrysalis. A hungry, hibernating momma bear with a hang nail, hankering for honey. I don’t even know what I ate.

What is this and how did this picture get on my camera?

What is this picture and how did it get on my camera?

It’s all just a blur that landed smack on my abs. Fast forward to today, I am slowly getting back on track. Not much to do but dust off my muffin top and get back at it.

Hello pooch, back so soon? Hey, are those my toes--Hi toes!

Hello pooch, back so soon? And not so fast, Toes–stay in the damn photo.

My leg is healed, I’m back to running and I’ve even doubled my standard running loop, consistently logging 4-5 miles at a time (…be real: don’t even think I actually run all of that, I’ve got 10 extra lbs on me. I’m crawling). As injury and extra weight have slowed me down, I have stayed away from actual races this summer. Instead, I have been exploring the world of virtual racing. It has turned out to be a great motivator to get out and log some mileage, and Nathan and I recently completed a 52 mile “race,” Harry Potter style. We managed to complete it in about 3 weeks, much faster than my anticipated 3 months. Now we just have to wait another month to receive our medals. Granted, the delayed gratification and lack of a cheering section at the finish line are a bit of a drag, but other than that the virtual racing scene is awesome!

I’ve also resumed my heavy weight lifting 3 days per week and monthly check ins with my trainer, and I’ve been back in the pool. And I’m slowly taming my sweet tooth once again, with my healthy “cheat” foods like protein pancakes, homemade protein peanut butter cups, and Arctic Zero (Toasted Coconut is the best) replacing their full fat, sugary dopplegangers. My abs are still there, they are just hiding for the time being. I found them before and I can find them again! Sorry kids, the sugar fest is over, your mom wants her abs back!

7 thoughts on “5 Minute Abs

  1. Struggling here, too, but we can do it! Any chance you can share the recipes for the protein pancakes and homemade protein peanut butter cups? Would like to try some new things. 🙂


    • Sure Tiffany! Pancakes: 1/2 c. liquid egg whites, 1/8 c. old fashioned oats, 1 T unsweetened applesauce, 1 T coconut flour, 1/4 tsp baking powder, dash salt, 3/4 scoop protein powder of choice (I like Quest vanilla), and 1/8-1/4 cup H2O. You can also add cinnamon, maple extract, etc. if desired. I blend it with an immersion blender & fry it up in a non-stick skillet and eat the whole batch. Tastes great & the macros are abs friendly.


    • For the PB cups, you need some silicone muffin cups and extra dark chocolate. This site can talk you through the procedure: http://proteinpow.com/2014/09/crunchy-peanut-butter-protein-cups.html
      I have modified the recipe to suit my taste: 1/3 cup PB protein powder (currently using Quest), 2T Jif natural extra crunchy PB (no stir), 1 T coconut flour, 2 tsp PB2, and 2 T unsweetened vanilla almond milk, stevia to taste (about 2 packets).
      A healthy treat you don’t have to feel guilty about! 🙂


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