How to Eat to Slim Down and Fuel Up.

I’d be lost without the Internet. Thankfully, this bottomless knowledge base is readily accessible with just a few finger taps on the keyboard. With a touch of Internet guidance, aspiring athletes such as myself can make sound, educated, nutritional choices when trying to balance weight loss with energy maintenance. This is a compilation of essential rules to follow for slimming down and fueling workouts that I’ve learned through the Internet. Just follow all of these rules and you’ll be on your way to a smaller waistline with plenty of energy to boot. Easy peasy.

  1. Consume fewer calories to lose weight.
  2. When you eat is more important than the calories.
  3. Eat less fat.
  4. Healthy fats are essential.

    Healthy Fats.

    Healthy Fats.

  5. Eat more fats, just make sure they are healthy.
  6. Too much fat is bad.



  7. You need to fuel your workouts.
  8. Sometimes run while fasting.
  9. If you don’t fuel properly, you won’t have enough energy to run.
  10. Never skip breakfast.
  11. Eat a big breakfast.
  12. Eat a balanced diet.
  13. Cut out carbohydrates to lose weight.
  14. Carbohydrates are essential fuel, pre- and post- workout.
  15. Your brain and muscles can’t function properly without carbs.
  16. Carb loading before a race or long run can help your performance.
  17. Don’t eat too much fiber before a race or long run.
  18. Eat lots of fruit and veggies.


    I have fruit.

  19. Bananas are loaded with carbs and should not be eaten when trying to lose weight.
  20. Bananas have lots of nutrients and a special fiber that may help you feel full when dieting.
  21. Oatmeal is high in carbs, but its carbs are special and don’t count like regular carbs.
  22. Never weigh yourself more than once a week.
  23. Weigh yourself daily to help track changes in weight.
  24. Hormones will affect your weight.
  25. Eat more protein.
  26. Too much protein is bad for you and can harm your liver and kidneys.
  27. Women should eat about 46g of protein per day.
  28. When weight lifting and trying to build muscle, you may need up to 1g protein per 1 lb of LEAN body mass per day (…that’s about 120g-130g protein for me).
  29. Eat carbohydrates with protein.
  30. Eat carbohydrates with protein and fat.
  31. Alcohol is bad.
  32. Red wine helps your heart, but only in small amounts.
  33. Snack more.
  34. Don’t eat sugar.

    Good-bye. (Sighs longingly)

    Good-bye. (sniff, sniff)

  35. Anything in moderation is fine.
  36. Chocolate is bad for you.
  37. Dark chocolate is good for you.
  38. Too much dark chocolate is bad for you.
  39. Eat more often, preferably 6-8 small meals per day.
  40. Generally, eat less.
  41. Eat more sugar. (OK, that one’s not real. Just seeing if you were still paying attention).
  42. Eat whole foods.
  43. Processed foods are bad.
  44. Never completely eliminate something you crave from your diet, it leads to binge eating.



  45. Stay hydrated.
  46. Don’t over-hydrate. Drinking too much water can kill you.
  47. Energy drinks and power bars are sugar loaded and like candy bars.
  48. Some power bars have the perfect carb/protein balance and are best before a run.
  49. Never eat after 8 PM.
  50. It doesn’t matter when you eat your calories, nighttime eating doesn’t make you gain weight.
  51. Eat protein and carbs within 30 minutes of a heavy workout.
  52. It doesn’t matter what time you eat your post workout snack.
  53. Unless you’re working out more than once per day, you may not need a post workout snack.
  54. Never skip meals.
  55. Intermittent fasting can help you lose weight.

Got it?



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