Viva La Diva!

It is with great sadness that I am announcing my departure from the Bolder Boulder 10K this year. It has proven a worthy adversary, and in light of recent unfavorable news from my cardiologist, I am opting to bow out of the 2016 festivities. After wallowing in self-pity for a week or so, singing sad songs and whatnot, I decided what I REALLY need is more of a challenge! A Half Marathon Challenge!

To be clear, when I received the woeful news of the downturn my heart had taken, the first decision I made was to drink some wine. My running accomplice and sister, Kristiann, was on the phone with her wine glass in hand, commiserating with me. Individually, we are fairly smart and educated individuals, but together with wine we approach genius levels of mentality.


Albert Einstein = Wine (Me + Kristiann)


The longer we chatted, the more brilliant we became. While neither of us has actually attended medical school, we both know a couple of people who did, and that seemed to count for something. The primary concepts that dominated our discourse were: first, wine is really very tasty. Second, running is helpful to lose weight and to get fit.  And third, we rock. After several hours of giddy scheming, we ended our conversation having signed up for an outstanding local 5K race called the Ultimate Wine Run, as well as the Diva half marathon, to be held the following weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC.



Albert Einstein…Wait, what?


The logistics of both races so close together, as well as the actual mileage involved in a half marathon, may have escaped my genius self, but as it turns out it doesn’t matter anyway. Shortly after signing up, the date of the Ultimate Wine Run was changed to the same weekend as the half marathon, so we had to opt out. Of the Wine Run. Because I’m sure you were left wondering, as I was, which one we should retain. The natural inclination is to eliminate the half marathon on account of mileage and no ultimate wine, but I don’t think that occurred to Kristiann who has done the Diva before and has her heart set on making us both Divas. Also, the people hosting the Wine Run are planning to host another one in the fall, so perhaps that one will work out. So, my first ever half marathon and a trip to the beach are happening this spring! Woot, Woot! And this race series is officially going to be a family affair! For the first time ever in any venue, The Diva will play host to all of my sisters, and my niece as well! UNBEDIVABLE! (My niece, Madeline, came up with that one, because she’s one smart little diva!)

And before any naysayers chime in and start worrying about how I’ll fare with 13.1 miles (eyes on you, Mom. And don’t start out with how you actually did go to medical school, practiced emergency medicine for your entire life, etc., etc.), let me reassure you. First, while technically I did not specifically mention “half marathon,” I did ask my cardiologist if I could overdo it with exercise and he said no. Second, I have no intention of running the entire half marathon—I’ll most likely be doing a combination of run-walking, and subsequently trying to disguise my walks to make them look as much like continuous, solid running as I can. Third, I hiked all over San Francisco with my kids recently and averaged 10 miles on several days, without suffering adverse consequences.



Proof positive of mileage survivorship.



…Well, at least I suffered no significant adverse consequences.


Fourth, there will be porta-potties all over the place at an all female Diva race, guaranteed (Hooray!).  Fifth, the Diva race is at sea level and we all know I train at altitude–one mile up, baby! That translates to a significant advantage for me and practically guarantees a solid finish ahead of at least a couple of gals. And last, I’ve been training since signing up over a month ago, and my long runs are already up to 8 miles! I can prove it with my charity miles app, even if it errs slightly in my favor in both distance and time (It’s an awesome, slow runner friendly app. Except for when it mistakes my slow running for lack of movement altogether, then it’s not so hot).



Always, ALWAYS use an app that errs in your favor.


Heck, I’ve been running a 10K every week for the last month and I feel fine! SO BRING IT! VIVA LA DIVA! (Another one that’s not mine. My sister, Jennine, came up with that one, because she’s a rocket scientist. I didn’t come up with any Diva puns on my own because I’m just over here sipping some wine).


4 thoughts on “Viva La Diva!

  1. We are just sorry we can’t be there …Gene would love to toast all his divas with wine (I could toast you with Diet Coke!) and I think it will be a great sisterly reunion! Have great fun together! We have missed your silly blogs! You are really a good writer that would make Mrs.C. proud!
    Mom and Dad


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